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Emailcode : online email address encoder

encrypting email addresses so that spambots can't harvest them on web pages

last update : 2007-04-12
version franšaise
IDDN Certification

You don't want your email addresses harvested by spammers on your website, but still want to let your visitors contact you in a simple way. Just type your email address in the form below and click the "Encode" button. The javascript code generated represents the entire mailto link. Select, cut and paste this code into your web page's HTML source, where the link should appear.

  • encodes any link, including image links
  • variable, random, multi-layered encryption
  • your visitors will see the encoded addresses, whatever browser they use
  • the encoder works offline - nothing is transferred to our server

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Emailcode v
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Link text :
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Encoded HTML to be pasted into your web page :

If you need to encode any other bit of HTML, like an image link or a form element, copy and paste its HTML source code in the form below and click "Encode".

Paste source HTML here :

W3C compatibility : XHTML 1.1 HTML 4.01
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Encoded HTML to be pasted into your web page :